Pay Off Debt with Tax Refunds and Other Finance Tips

Three ways to purchase a car for your family with a bad credit history

When you’ve defaulted on a loan, missed payments or otherwise attracted a bad credit history, it can be difficult to acquire a reliable car — particularly when you’re on a limited income. If you feel held back by a bad credit history, check out these three ways that you can successfully purchase a car for […]

Used Car Finance Tips to Consider

Car financing for a used car may be different from financing options for a new car. Therefore, you need to be smart when looking for financing options for a used car so that you increase your chances of qualifying. There are multiple lenders and finding a great deal requires that you compare some things from […]

What You Need to Know About Personal Migrant Loans

It is normal to feel the financial pinch when you are shifting from one country to another. Balancing between expenses like accommodation, transport and other bills can lead to a serious financial drain. This can be overwhelming, but you can still apply for a loan to ease off your financial burden. This article examines some […]

Four Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Debt Collection Company to Collect Your Unpaid Invoices

If you have stacks of unpaid invoices on your desk, it may be time to hire a debt collection agency to help you turn those debts into cash. Before hiring an agency, however, you should prepare a few questions. Here are several questions that can help you hone in on the right collectors for you: […]